Tools of the Trade

Under Constant Construction. 
These are in no particular order right now, just as I think of them. They are also not the only good products out there. My wife spends hours researching baby products for our kids and often times just after we receive her purchases she thinks she found something better. With the baby tools market as flooded as it is, these are just suggestions and you may find you don't need an item or you might find better products out there. We get most of out stuff off of the internet because currently we live overseas.

A Word from Visual Thesaurus: Patient 

The most important tools of this trade have to be Patience and Understanding. You have to understand that children are learning as they go. They also learn by testing there boundaries and making mistakes. After you understand that, you will have to exercise patience. Being tolerant of some of there learning activities as aggravating as they are at times.

Britax B-Ready

This is the Britax B-Ready with second seat attachment. I really enjoy this stroller and more importantly so does both of the little ones. My oldest is at the age where she likes to walk, but during our long day trips she enjoys chilling out  and even napping in the back seat.

SwddleMe Baby Swaddle by Summer Infant

If you want a good night of sleep you must swaddle your New Born and Toddler. Babies tend to frighten themselves while sleeping by moving their arms. Next thing you know both of you are awake and one or possibly both are crying. There is a simple solution swaddle you child I use the SwaddleMe bySummer Infant. It is Dad friendly and uses a simple velcro system. The bags under your eyes will thank you for this one.

Amby Baby-Baby Hammock 

Baby needs a place to sleep. After we bought a pack and play with the nifty changing flap, and it got recalled as many do, We heard of this baby hammock called the Amby Baby. We use this in our living room for naps and some nights when the crib just won't do. It has a slight(head up) incline which you can't do(as far as I know) on pack and plays. My wife(a Nurse) who insists we set up the crib with an incline likes this. I have no idea if there are benefits from the incline. What I can tell you is there is a spring on top and that allows you to bounce or swing the hammock. I often wish it cam in adult size because it looks comfy. Oh, by the way you can take it apart and put int the included carrying bag and take to Grandma and Grandpa's on date night and it only takes about 5 min. easy.

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