Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Dad PlaysThe Baby Waiting Game.

Dad Wins The Waiting Game.
   I think that it is safe to say that all parents have played The Waiting Game. The game starts between his last feeding and it's too early to get up right now. Since I am a light sleeper I usually initiate each round. It goes something like this:
   Did I hear him? Stop, don't move! If she hears you move then she won't get up to get him. But, the blanket gremlin snuck in again last night and stole all the covers and my foot is turning into a block of ice.
Suck it up it is a small price to pay to get some more sleep, because if you move she will know you are awake and out last you. She is warm so this will be easier for her.
   After what seems like a good forty-five minutes I feel like I am going to win tonight. Then a reminder of the cause of this game. My son fussing in his crib just changed his tone from "Hey guys that was a good nap" to "Hello, is anyone there, I'm up and ready to go." I realize that the next step is "OK, Fine, EVERY BODY GET UP, I am hungry and would like my diaper changed, NOW!"
  My instant thought is even though it is o'dark-thirty, if I get up now and take care of him maybe I'll go back to sleep and get another hour before his sister gets up. Stop thinking like that, it's your turn to sleep in. You haven't slept in for several weeks. Just lay there quietly before she hears you thinking.
 One more hint from my son that time is about to run out and I caved in. Half asleep and half angered at my fresh defeat I stumble over to the crib. Once there, I turn on the night light and though squinting eyes I pick up my prize. He greets me with a big smile and a cheerful ahhh. Then I spend the next few quiet moments bonding with my son. It is rare for the house to be so calm and to get the chance to focus on just one thing. So I have learned to cherish these moments, that's when I realize my wife may have defeated me, But I still won!
   In the morning, I declare myself the winner and my wife claims to have no clue what I am talking about. I tell her that she may have gotten more sleep but I got to spend time with my son. Her response was good that is the goal. As it turns out when you work as a team everybody is a winner.


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