Thursday, September 29, 2011

Father to Daughter

I got this book Father to Daughter as a present just before my daughter was born. Since then I have read it cover to cover several times. It is one of the books that sits on my night stand and gives me little pearls of advice. Often I look through it and see what kind of situations I will encounter in the future. The pages are less than a paragraph, but filled with life lessons and good tips to fathers about daughters.

Tools of the Trade

Britax B-Ready fully loaded w/second seat.
I have started working on the Tools of the Trade page. Tools of the Trade are just random items that I find useful in my parenting journey. Some items are nice to have while others you can't live without. Most Tools can be substituted for like items, but I have listed the brands the I use because I only like to speak about what I have personally used. A short list mentioned on the Tools of the Trade page include a Britax stroller, the Amby Baby hammock, and the SwaddleMe swaddle by Summer. If you have comments, reviews, or concerns on this or any page please leave it in the comments section or e-mail us at